Ariana Grande and her ponytail go together like cinnamon and sugar! She’s rocked the look time after time and famously said she’ll wear it until she’s 95. So when she head out with friends and wanted to wear a hat, she couldn’t go back on her word! The pop songstress cut a hole in her cap to let her iconic ponytail show through!

Also, I discovered that not only are Hello Kitty-branded canteloupes going for $54 in Japan, but there’s an entire Hello Kitty hospital in Taiwan! Oh, and lip art is on the rise, and the designs are pretty dope. Check it all out on Weird This Week and then catch up on the other weird stories you may have missed this week!

Ok, now onto some more weirdness!

Sunglasses That Play Music Through Vibrations

What would you say if I told you there were sunglasses that transmitted music into your head through vibrations? Well, a Kickstarter for this was successfully funded, and the technology is pretty stupefying! Basically, the sunglasses connect to your phone’s Bluetooth, then transmit vibrations through your skull and your brain hears music! The scientific word for this is bone conduction—pretty freaky, right? You can control the volume and songs on the frame of the sunglasses (think of  an iPod shuffle). No ears necessary!

Study Pokémon Go in College

Ever feel like you’ve spent so much time playing Pokémon Go that you could teach a class in it? Well then you might want to head to the University of Idaho for a job! The university announced they’d be incorporating Pokémon Go into their curriculum as part of a physical education class called “Pop Culture Games.” Hey, I took bowling in college, but would have probably chosen Pokémon if I was still a student!

Steven Bird, the instructor of the class, told Mashable that he chose to include the popular game because of its strong team building component. He said, “"You get to adventure around, seeing different things, being active, seeing the sun," he said. "It allows you to move in large groups and a team." Could be the college class of your dreams!

Belly Rubs From Baby Chicks

Who doesn’t love a good belly rub, amiright? One kitten nuzzled itself with newborn baby chicks, and it looks like pure bliss! The fuzzy feathers hit just the right spots for the feline, and honestly after watching it, I’m starting to think that this should be included in a spa treatment. Perhaps in a spa called “Farmhouse Zen?” Better than catnip!

What was your favorite weird story of the week?


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