Spring has sprung and we are all looking for new ways to update our closets and give them a fresh "spring clean." 

We got a chance to chat to fashion stylist, designer, author and TV personality Rachel Zoe as she has teamed up with Lysol to design a limited edition “Lysol Blanky”.

And since Rachel is one of the most renown fashion stylist’s in the industry, she shared her top tips on clearing out your closet for a new season,nd what hot trends to look out for.

We asked her what made her want to work with Lysol on this project:

“Lysol is one of the most trusted brands, in anything related to cleaning. This initiative is about taking care of our families and our children, keeping us as healthy as possible.”

Do you spring clean your closet? What are your tips?

"I do, I take my heavy winter coats, layers and boots and put them in my achieves for next fall... shift all my spring dresses and lighter weight things so I can get to them more easily. When all of our clothes are mixed together it can be very overwhelming everyday. Getting rid of things that you don’t use or wear anymore is just life changing. Fresh clean start!”

To see more of Rachel's top tips on Spring cleaning, what trends she is looking for and how to store your clothes best, check out the full video below…