Hey friends! Don’t you think it’s time we had a contest for you to win something special from Wesley Stromberg and Alek Fin? Well, to celebrate the release of their new single “If Only,” they’ll be picking one winner to receive handwritten lyrics from the guys and a personalized note! Pretty cool, right?

So here’s how it’s going to work…

1. Pick your favorite lyric from “If Only.” I know, it’s tough to choose but find the one that you feel a special connection to!

2. Hand write it on a piece of paper, your hand, on a coffee mug – wherever!

3. Take a picture of your lyric to tweet it to us and explain what that lyric means to you, using the hashtag #HollywireIfOnlyContest 

And that’s it! Today’s the official launch of the contest and we’ll be announcing the winner on Wednesday, August 23rd so you have 1 week, people!

Get creative, have fun and good luck!