With only a few weeks left until the big finale episode of American Idol, the competition could go to just about any of the contestants left at this point. Nonetheless, eliminations have to be made, and on Thursday night, the top six was cut to five when another contestant was voted off in an emotional goodbye.

Now that all the contestants left are SO incredibly talented, it's difficult to watch one leave the show. While the last few weeks we've said to goodbye to several male contestants (including fan favorite Colton Dixon just last week), this week, it was a girl who said got the lowest number of votes and was sent packing. But with four ladies left -- who was it?! After countless weeks in the bottom three and several close calls in the bottom two, it was New Jersey Elise Testone who got the boot on Thursday's elimination episode.

Elise Testone Competes in 'American Idol'

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Elise found herself in the bottom three for the SIXTH time on Thursday, beside another contestant who has been no stranger to being face-to-face with elimination, Holile Cavanaugh. However, it was Hollie's performance of Miley Cyrus' The Climb that likely pulled her through, whereas Elise performed a much lesser known song to this voting generation when she sang Jimi Hendrix's Bold as Love. Elise has had a tough run in the competition, being the oldest contestant of the finalists and receiving a lot of criticism from judges Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson.

We must not forget that Elise almost went home much earlier on, back in the top 13, when she was voted into the bottom 2 alongside Jeremy Rosado and was saved by the judges to continue on in the competition. Since then, she's been hanging by a thread, but managed to make it to the top six (Which, let's be real...ain't too bad)! Fan-favorite Phil Philips landed in the top three this week, despite judge's criticisms, alongside power vocalist Jessica Sanchez and judges' favorite Josh Ledet, leaving Skylar Laine to close out the bottom three.

Elise left the show gracefully, singing her rendition of Led Zeppelin's Whole Lotta Love, the song that got her her most praise all season and has been brought up by the judges multiple times since. Let's take a quick look back at that performance to remember what Elise has brought to the show!

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At this point, it's entirely too tough to tell who will make it to the end. While Jessica has arguably the best voice in the competition, she's been in the face of elimination before, when fans voted her out in the top seven and the judges used their only save to keep her in the competition. Meanwhile, Phillip is the only contestant who has never been in the bottom three, but the same went for Colton last week when he was shockingly eliminated. At the same time, country ruled the competition last year, when Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina, both country artists, made the top two, leaving a path for Skylar to continue the legacy this season. Closing out the top five, Josh has gotten TWELVE standing ovations from the judges, which definitely has an affect on voters, and Hollie has a super loyal Twitter following (her band of "Holliepops") that seem to be pushing her through each week.

Who do you think has what it takes to win this season of 'American Idol!?'

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