Britney Spears has jumped on the EDM-bandwagon by releasing her new single “Work Bitch” – or “Work B**ch” for the censored version – which was co-written by her pal and Swedish House Mafia DJ Sebastian Ingrosso. We all got a listen on Sunday when the track was leaked one day earlier than planned because that’s obviously a trend these days.

In case you haven’t already, take a listen to Britney’s new song, the lead single off her upcoming album and will obviously he all the rage at nightclubs these next few months.

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We might as well start calling Britney our motivational speaker or life coach since she sings lyrics like, "You wanna hot body / You want a Bugatti / You wanna maseratti / You better work bitch!" Yes, ma’am!

We’ll be having a “Work Bitch” music video coming our way very soon since she teased us with behind-the-scenes photos last week, showing her in a super-hot bikini, as well as black and gold bustier and long black gloves. She obviously took her own advice and worked (bitch) to get that hot body! 

What do you think of Britney’s new single?

Are you absolutely loving it or not so much?