In an interview today, Selena Gomez let all kids know thatthey have power—the power of their voices! Gomez is now a UNICEF ambassador and Trick-Or-Treat forUNICEF spokesperson. She is encouraging everyone to get involved to help save achild!

Selena Gomez: Power of Your Voice

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 “For Americanchildren and parents, Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF offers an impactful way to makea difference in the lives of vulnerable children” Selena explains. "Trick-or-Treatfor UNICEF was created to support UNICEF, which has saved more children's livesthan any other humanitarian organization in the world."

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Selena Gomez: Power of Your Voice

It is not difficult to do! If all kids can just educatethemselves and use their voices so many problems can be solved—so many liveschanged. So check it out! Everyone can save a life bytrick-or-treating for UNICEF! Be like Selena and you can make a difference too!

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