Bella Thorne is pretty much unstoppable. With her latest role in the animated film Ratchet & Clank, a new Freeform series (Famous In Love) being picked up, and a ton of movies set to be released during the next year, she is killing the game, and we had the chance to talk with her about it. 

Tell us a little bit about your character, Cora, in the film Ratchet & Clank. What was it like to play this new character?

Bella: My character is completely new to the series and now they just made another [video game] with my character in the story, so I got to be her for the video game too. It was so cool. I mean, it’s fun because it’s not so much pressure, but it’s also very hard working with two of the most famous voice actors [John Goodman and Jim Ward]. It’s very hard to work alongside them because they’re so good and I’m just coming in being me and not so much of a character. So that was probably the hardest part…was like trying to be as funny as them, as entertaining as them, because they’re so good. 

Did you have the chance to meet John Goodman or Jim Ward before working on the movie at all? 

Bella: No! It’s not like that for animation, you never see them ever. 

Did you get to meet them after?

Bella: I got to meet them at the WonderCon Guest panel. 

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So Cora is a total boss in the film. What was it like to be the voice of a character that is the only female Galactic Ranger?

Bella: Really cool because it was really easy to play this character. She’s fully rock and roll, real tomboy, not afraid to get her hands dirty, so much attitude… it’s like it’s me! It’s really just me, so it was so easy to play her.  

So you feel like you identify with Cora most with in real life?

Bella: Oh yeah, totally. She’s so badass and I love watching her. And it’s cool because you’re not watching yourself, you’re watching a real character—usually you’re just so critical looking at yourself on a 15-foot screen and it’s just so not cute, you know? —but this is just so less critical because it’s like “oh it’s cool! That’s not me! It’s the character!” 

If you could create your own dream planet (like how Nefarious and Drek wanted in the film), what would your planet consist of?

Bella: My planet would consist of so many animals, none of them are contained…it would consist of fruit, no chemicals-- I don’t want any chemicals, no pesticides, nothing. I just want all natural -- there wouldn’t be any war…basically it would be perfect.

Congrats on Freeform picking up ‘Famous in Love”! What can fans expect to see in the show? What can you tell us about the series?

Bella: Thank you so much! There’s so much you can expect. You’re going to literally see like full on scenes. Freeform is getting real edgy. We’re showing some skin, it’s really fun. There’s so many different characters and the plot twists on these different characters is literally crazy. Marlene King [the show’s creator who also created Pretty Little Liars] is actually a genius and I do not know how she comes up with it all.

Do you watch Pretty Little Liars at all?

Bella: Yeah I used to watch it more…I did really like the show. It’s like every second,“oh my god someone tell me who ‘A’ is” like I’m actually getting angry that I don’t know.

Marlene had some pretty crazy plot twists in PLL so we can only imagine what they’re going to be like in Famous in Love

Bella: It’s going to be crazy. You know what I really like about it is that we really see Hollywood. Hollywood is not so glitzy and glammy as people think it is, it’s very dirty. There’s definitely some not-so-great people and we definitely showcase those characters in this show.

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Your boyfriend Gregg Sulkin is the fan-favorite to play Landon in the film inspired by the One Direction fan-fic, After. Have you read the story?

Bella: I haven’t. He’s reading the book right now but I’m going to read it after him. He really likes it! He will be great as that character.

You have a ton of films coming out this year, which project are you most excited for fans to see?

Bella: Oh god, I don’t know! I’m really excited for people to see Midnight Sun because it’s probably one of the most different characters I’ve played. I really had to step outside my comfort zone in the fact that I really had to change all of my mannerism and really everything about me because it’s really innocent, very sheltered, really never been outside her house basically. That was definitely tough…I feel like I’m a really old soul and I’ve been though a lot so it’s hard to backtrack but it was definitely amazing.

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