dj-rashida-solange-apollonia-beyonce-lotta-stensson(Via Rashida has established herself as one of the most sought-after female DJs in the world. She has played her signature fusion of hip-hop, pop, rock, funk, soul, reggae and house around the globe in cities like London, Tokyo, Geneva, Antwerp, Sydney and Paris.In 2004 she started spinning at the House of Blues on Los Angeles' Sunset Strip, where she performed with such artists as Kanye West, The Roots, Jill Scott and John Legend. She was approachedd by Prince one night about collaborating and ended up going touring the world with him.Now DJ Rashida provides music for MTV's hit dance show competiton America's Best Dance was DJ Rashida's, as she would like to call it "Born Day" party at Bar Marmont in Hollywood. The place was filled with trendsetters and tastemakers like Beyonce, Solange, Fonzworth Bentley and a host of local fashion designers.Rashida left the DJ duties in the capable hands of Adam 12, Jahi Sundance and Garth Trinidad.Rashida has residency at Bar Marmont on Sunday nights " Love Is The Message" weekly event. For more info on DJ Rashida please visit, and she is currently available for interviews.Photo credit: Ernest Skinnerdj-rashida-birthday-party-flyerdj-rashida-birthday-partylotta-stensson-dj-rashida-birthday-party-2dj-rashida-birthday-party-3dj-rashida-birthday-party-4apollonia-dj-rashida-birthday-party-5dj-rashida-birthday-party-6dj-rashida-birthday-party-7dj-rashida-birthday-party-9dj-rashida-birthday-party-10