Our favorite web series, Talent, and its star BC Jean return with a brand new episode today! 

Nothing inspires a great pop song like a lying, cheating ex. On the eve of Josie’s “should-have-been” wedding day, she and Harper both have enough boy drama to fill a CD. Find out how they turn it into gold on Chapter 9 of Talent: Season 2!

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To be a pop star, you've got to be as tough as you are talented—and you need a little help from your friends. In Talent: Season 2, from the producers of Pretty Little Liars, Harper Walker goes head-to-head with Hollywood to claim her rightful place as a star, but the road to fame is filled with slippery agents, competitive divas, and distracting hotties. Lots of would-be starlets get knocked out in the second round. Will she get K.O.-ed or knock the music world off its feet? Grab your BFF and watch Talent: Season 2 to find out!

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