We here at Hollywire truly believe that Hollywood is the city where dreams come true, so when we heard about a recent college graduate's attempt to make her dream come true, we were game for helping her make it happen!

Lea Geyser has a dream, and that dream is to fly on a helicopter with T-Pain for a segment she is doing where she tries as many new things as she can in the span of two-weeks, one of them being flying in a helicopter.  She gets one guest on her helicopter ride, and since T-Pain has already been "on a boat" she thought, "Why not be on a helicopter?"

Now Lea's on a mission to generate a huge internet campaign via websites, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc. to get reach out to T-Pain and make her helicopter dream a reality!  You can follow her on Twitter @leainla or the trending topic #illtaketpain!!

So spread the word, tweet your little hearts out and help Lea get T-Pain from the boat to the chopper!