Is fame worth the price the cast of The Hills has paid?! Read our EXCLUSIVE story... Everyone loves some good ole' drama-filled television sometimes.  Especially when it comes with a happy ending.  This is why MTV's show, The Hills, was so popular.  When the show premiered on May 31, 2006, America was intrigued with Lauren Conrad and obsessed with watching her fun-filled Los Angeles life.  From her dream job to the cute boys to the exciting nightlife... everyone came to love Lauren Conrad and her friends.  The cast of The Hills were the girls you wanted to be friends with.

the-hills season 1

Now, today -- almost exactly FOUR years later -- the cast of The Hills are the girls your parents warned you about.  The girls you DON'T want to be friends with.  They are the insecure girls battling drug rumors, stealing boyfriends, cat-fighting and constantly trying to steal the spotlight at ANY cost.  In a smart move, Lauren Conrad, perhaps the show's ONLY saving grace, left the series.  As for the current cast:  Stephanie Pratt got a DUI.  Kristin Cavallari is fighting off cocaine rumors.  Audrina Patridge is dating a washed-up musician (and in her defense, is actually the most sane cast member)... and Lo Bosworth is and will forever be riding her BFF, Lauren Conrad's, coattails (first, the spot on The Hills... now, she too is writing a book, hmmm).  Then, there is Heidi Montag.


Heidi has lost her soul.  While many are making jokes about Montag... many are SERIOUSLY questioning her mental stability at this point.   From her deteriorating relationship with her family, to her aspiring pop-star dreams -- to the TEN plastic surgeries... her and her husband's CRYSTAL obsession... to the book about HOW TO BECOME FAMOUS, etc.. etc... Heidi Montag is HONESTLY (and tragically) bordering on CRAZY.  Check out a clip from Heidi Montag on The Hills in 2006... and then check out a clip of the plastic-surgery and CRYSTAL obsessed Montag from THIS season.

While millions of girls all around the world were at one time ENVIOUS of The Hills cast, many are now watching the 30-minute MTV show and LAUGHING.  The show has turned from a reality-drama to a scripted-comedy.  So, at what point did the show lose it's heart?   Was it when Lauren Conrad departed?  Was it when Whitney Port got her spin-off series, The City? Was it when Brody Jenner & Spencer Pratt joined the cast?  Maybe it was a bit of everything.   Somewhere a long the way though... the focus shifted from what to wear TO WORK... to not being able to eat a cheeseburger without blending it first.   Seriously.


Former cast member, Whitney Port, recently opened up about the girls on the show, saying:

"I feel like they're all self-imploding or something… I don't know how it got so out of control.  I think they're just going crazy.  I don't want to say so much because I feel like they're going to attack me."



I think it is safe to say they ARE going crazy.  So, now I pose this question: Is fame really worth the price these girls have paid?