We went to the Peaches show last night in LA and she was INCREDIBLE. She sounded better then ever and better then her CD for that matter. I was blown away.


She looked almost as good as she sounded and put on a great show. I think she changed outfits about a million times, very GaGa-esque each time.


She even married a gay couple on stage (No it wasnt legal....DUH, we are in California) but it was so awesome and heartfelt.

There were a lot of celebrities at the show but one in particular caught my eye. Perez Hilton of course! Mr. Hollywood Gossip himself was there with a smokin hot Boy Toy on his arm. He was smiling the whole time and seemed like he was totally in love with this guy. I wasnt the only one thinking Perez' toy was a bit out of his league, some random guy came up to the Boy Toy and really did ask him if her was seriously there with Perez. LOLtastic.

A lot of fans were trying to take pictures of Perez and some security guard pushed them all away because he needed his space.... Can you say DIVA?  Regardless of Perez, the show was awesome and Peaches is ammmmmazing!